Corporate Profile
Spare Parts
Used Equipment
Miscellaneous Services

Air Brakes
Air Compressors, Parts and Components.
Agitators and Mixers.
Alternators, Generators.
Back Stop Brakes.
Control and Monitor Devices.                                                                                             
Diodes/Thyristors/Fuses/SCR & Relays
Electrical Equipment and Components. 
Electric and Hydraulic Starters.                                                                                         
Fan Hub Clutches.
Filters, Oil, Fuel, Air, Water.
Flow Controls, Flow Meters and Misc. Items.
Governors, Speed Controls and related products.                                                        
Hand Tools
Hydraulic Pumps and Cylinders.
Heat Exchangers, Parts and Components
Load Banks
Lubrication Equipment, Parts and Components    
Marine Controls, Accessories and related products.
Marine Transmissions and Power Take Off.                                                                             
Parts for Vacuum Trucks.
Powertrain Parts.                                                                                                                     
Silencers, Exhaust Connectors and Flanges.
Vibration Isolators
Carbon Steel Products                                                                                                                   
Steel Plates